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Flat Roofs

Sully Jones Roofings is San Diego’s Flat Roof Expert.

Residential Flat Roof SystemIn southern California, we have many beach homes and Spanish architecture homes that have low slope or flat roofing systems.  For some buildings it is necessary to have flat roofs in order to provide a location for mechanical equipment such as HVAC units. Other buildings have flat and low slope roofs simply to keep the overall building costs at a reasonable amount for the real estate market.  These types of roofs can present their own unique problems.

Items that you should consider when considering roofing a flat or low slope roofing system:

Ponding Water?

Most flat roofs are built with slope, some with more and some with less. Both flat and low slope roofs were originally designed for the water to drain in a certain direction, usually toward a drain, roof eave or rain gutter. Many were designed with only 1/8″-1/4″ slope per foot. This small amount of slope leaves very little leeway for mistakes, building settlement or deflection in the roof framing and/or sheathing. This leads to problems caused by poor drainage. When considering re-roofing a flat or low slope roof, pay special attention to areas that appear to have poor drainage. Possible improvements to the roof drainage system may include additional drains, leveling ponding areas or in some cases, re-sloping the entire roof.

Mechanical equipment?

Many buildings have mechanical equipment, HVAC, cell sites, solar, skylights, etc. Each of those items need to be addressed individually to make sure that they don’t become a leak problem after the roofing system is installed. It is essential that each piece of equipment is mounted properly with the least impact on the roofing system.

Remove or not to remove the existing roof ?

Building codes dictate how many roofs that you can apply over the original roof. The latest revision is no more than one recover roof over the original which totals 2-roofing systems. There are some other considerations that must be considered like the type and condition of the existing roof, soundness of the substrate under the roof or roofs and the type of roofing system being proposed.

Which roofing system to use?

  • FibertTite KEE
  • TPO Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System
  • Hot Asphalt Built-Up Fiberglass Roof with a Ceramic Cap Sheet Surface
  • Hot Asphalt Built-Up Polyester Roof with Ceramic Granule Surfacing

Sully Jones Roofing with work with you to determine the best roofing system for your structure.

Which Roofing Contractor to use?

A new roof can be expensive and is a long term proposition, (if it is installed properly).  Careful consideration should be taken to make sure the roofing contractor has been in business longer than any warranties they offer.

Can we forget about the roof after it is installed?

No, “out of sight-out of mind” doesn’t work so well for roofs. We recommend an annual cleaning, inspection and touch up as needed. This very inexpensive preventative maintenance will help to insure the longest life possible out of your new roof.

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