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Flat Roofing Systems

Sully Jones Roofing is the premier roofing company for ALL types of flat roofing systems.

  1. KEE Single Ply Roofing Membranes
  2. PVC Single Ply Roofing Membranes
  3. TPO Single Ply Roofing Membranes
  4. APP Heat-Welded Membranes (Torch-Down)
  5. Built-Up Hot Asphalt Fiberglass Roofing Systems


KEE Based Single Ply Roofing

KEE or Ketone Ethylene Ester is manufactured by FiberTite and was used as the benchmark membrane for the development of ASTM standards for KEE based sheet roofing. Since 1979 FiberTite  is proud to say that their KEE single ply roofs are lasting over 35-years and going strong. Fibertite KEE is the premium single ply product on the market today.

PVC Based Single Ply Roofing 

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is vinyl based single ply roofing membrane that can be fully adhered or mechanically attached. PVC is considered the mid-range single ply product available today.

TPO Based Single Ply Roofing

TPO or Thermo Plastic Olefin is a vinyl based single ply roofing membrane that was developed to compete with Built-Up roofing when California’s new Title 24 roof reflection regulations took effect. TPO can be applied by either fully adhered or mechanical attachment methods. TPO membranes are strong, highly reflective, energy efficient and take very little maintenance.

APP Heat-Welded Membranes (Torch-Down)

This type of roofing is an evolution of asphalt roofing. It is made from asphalt and a variety of rubber modifiers and solvents. There are several ways of connecting pieces of this material. In a heat application process the seams are heated to melt the asphalt together and create a seal. There is also hot-mopped application, similar to how conventional built-up roofs are installed. Cold-applied adhesives and self-adhesive membranes are two of the more recent options. This material is also referred to as APP, SBS, and SEBS.

Built-Up Hot Asphalt Fiberglass Roofing System

The oldest flat roofing system available is Hot Asphalt Fiberglass BUR with either a smooth, mineral granule or gravel surfacing. This roofing system has kept America dry for over 100 years. It is applied with multiple layers of fiberglass reinforced membrane laminated together with hot asphalt and surfaced with various coatings or aggregates.

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