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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings can extend the life of your roof, improve roof appearance and reduce energy costs. The most durable and effective roof coatings are available exclusively from Sully Jones Roofing.

White and Aluminum Cool Roof Coatings

has adopted environmental regulations to combat “Global Warming”. One of the many regulations adopted in many cities is Title 24, which requires flat and low-slope roofs in certain heat zones to have a minimum reflective value.

White and Aluminum Cool Roof Reflective Coatings enable you to meet Title 24 regulations and protect your roof from deterioration caused by heat absorption and UV radiation due to the sun. Sully Jones Roofing applies premium CA Title 24 compliant and ENERGY STAR® rated coatings that help to keep your roof cool while providing a seamless barrier to corrosive elements that lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks.


Polara Shield® White Ceramic Granule Surfacing

Roof Coating ApplicationAvailable in Southern California, exclusively from Sully Jones Roofing, the Polara Shield® White Ceramic Granule Surfacing will extend the life virtually any roof, including our patented  Polara® roof. Polara Shield® is the low-cost, low-maintenance, and reliable surfacing that is spray-applied to your roof. Polara Shield can be applied quickly over most existing surfaces, will never peel and protects against UV damage.

  • Extends life of new or existing roofs.
  • Reflective surface lowers energy costs.
  • Improves roof appearance.
  • Applied over sprayed asphalt mastic adhesive.
  • Ceramic roof surfacing granules manufactured by 3M Company.
  • 50 lbs of Polara Shield® granules cover the same surface area as 400 pounds of gravel.
  • Protects asphalt and roofing membranes from exterior element problems such as ultraviolet rays, ponding water, and air pollution.
  • Resists wear from wind, water, sun, and foot traffic.
  • Can be applied over most any existing roof surface, including asphalt, emulsion, cap sheet, cold process or hot tar roofing.
  • Will not chip or peel, even in standing water.
  • Proven reliable: Has been applied on thousands of roofs.
  • Fast, efficient installation.
  • Lower cost than traditional roof coatings.

Find out more about the Polara® Roof System – Watch this short video.

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