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    Sully Jones Roofing History

    With over 60 years in the roofing business, we like to say that Sully-Jones is

    Here Today…Here Tomorrow.

    1952 – Sully Jones Roofing was founded by Ezra (Sully) Sullivan and Art Jones.  We opened for business in 1952 on Adams Avenue in San Diego, California.

    Roof Contractor Group

    1960’s – Art Jones retired and  sold his interest in the company to Sully in the 1960’s. Under the corporate name of Sully-Jones Co. Contractors the company specialized in roofing, siding, painting, awnings, remodeling and room additions. Licensed as a B-1 General Contractor, a C-39 Roofing Contractor and a C-33 Painting Contractor, the company built a reputation for quality work and exceptional service.

    1970’s – By 1970, the company had grown out of our Adams Avenue location and purchased a larger property with further room to grow in Lemon Grove.  At that time, Sully-Jones decided to focus all of our energy and resources on residential, commercial and multi-family roofing.

    1980’s – In the 1980’s as Sully was starting to prepare for retirement. He sold a small portion of the company stock to Brion Martin, a trusted employee since 1970. In 1985, Jim Thomson joined the firm and also purchased stock in the company.  By 1989, Brion and Jim had purchased 100% of the company and Ezra Sullivan was able to retire knowing that the company was in good hands.

    1990’s – With Brion Martin as President and Jim Thomson as Vice President, the business rapidly grew and soon needed to move into a larger facility.  The current headquarters in El Cajon was purchased in 1993.   Brion and Jim continued to build the company into one of the most respected roofing companies in San Diego County. Sully Jones Roofing invested into bulk storage technology in order to buy larger quantities of material at a lower cost. Sully Jones Roofing also became the exclusive applicator for Polara Polyester Roof Reinforcement products. We also acquired a specialized spray rig (one of only two in the USA) that has the capabilities of applying over 15,000 square feet per day of ceramic granule roof surfacing. The result is higher quality at a lower price.

    2000’s – Always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the management team at Sully-Jones Roofing began to acquire much of the hi-tech equipment that enables our crews to complete jobs faster, with higher quality and at lower cost.  Sully Jones Roofing‘s developed SJ-T24 roof coating that met California’s Title 24 roof reflection requirements. SJ-T24 could be applied at half the cost of other roof coatings. Sully Jones Roofing also developed SJ Roof Leveler that could level low ponding areas of flat roofs without re-sloping the entire roof. The philosophy of investing back into the company is something that we have continued over the years and as a result, Sully Jones Roofing is able to offer our customers the best quality at very competitive prices while providing exclusive products and services that save our customers money.

    2010’s – Sully Jones Roofing continues to add equipment, technology, and expert staff to better serve our clients. We are proud that a high percentage of our client base are repeat customers and referrals from our customers. A new mission statement was added to our company. A mission statement that everyone in the company believes in and works toward achieving. It is as follows: “Every employee at Sully Jones Roofing is responsible for building long lasting relationships with every customer in such a positive way that they will eagerly tell others about their experience”. 

    With extensive experience in the industry and an entrepreneurial spirit, the Sully Jones Roofing team has developed several exclusive, advanced products in order to provide the best products at the lowest cost possible. Read more about technical innovations that are unique to Sully Jones Roofing.

    Sully Jones Roofing is best known for knowledge, honesty, fair prices, quality and exceptional service. Sully Jones Roofing has been recognized as one of the best Roofing Contractors in San Diego and has been written up in several periodicals including RSI Magazine’s Top 100 Roofing Contractors, four years in a row.

    We are looking forward to our next 60-years serving San Diego County.
    Here Today…….Here Tomorrow

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      Free Inspections not available for real estate or escrow involved inspections for residential or commercial properties.
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