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Your roofing system is composed of numerous important parts that allows it to protect your home from the elements. There’s the shingles as the outer layer, the roof deck where the shingles are attached, and even the flashing that prevents leaks from infiltrating your roof. These are all vital parts of your roof but there is another component that you should never forget about: the underlayment

Here, trusted roof repair experts Sully Jones Roofing reveal what exactly is the roofing underlayment and why is it important.

What is the Roof Underlayment?

Apart from the flashing, the roof underlayment is an overlooked part of the roofing system since it’s not always seen by the naked eye. However, for those who are unaware, the underlayment is actually a protective barrier that is attached to your roof deck before the shingles are installed and can be made of various materials such as asphalt-saturated, non-bitumen synthetic, and rubberized asphalt. Thanks to its protective properties, the underlayment is a vital part of your roof and should not be forgotten or overlooked whatsoever.

To replace your roof’s old underlayment, simply turn to the residential roof replacement professionals of Sully Jones Roofing.

Why is the Underlayment Important?

As stated before, the underlayment is a protective barrier that protects your entire roof from various kinds of damage. This is because the underlayment is designed to prevent precipitation and moisture from affecting your deck, which can easily cause wood rot that can compromise its structural integrity. This is especially needed if any shingles were blown off from the roof during a storm and you can’t replace them immediately.

Apart from moisture damage, the underlayment also protects the roof deck from the chemicals mixed with the shingles. This is because the chemicals combined with the heat from the sun can cause your shingles to melt into the deck if there isn’t an underlayment placed between them.

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