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“Winterization” = “So-Cali-ization” 

Adapt and Prepare the Cali Way! 

Clean your gutters, Inspect your Roof, and Prepare for Wind & Fire Storms. 

Starting in October with record heat, & the beginning of the Santa Ana Winds & Fire Season, and shortly afterwards, we get sudden Rain and Possible Flooding. Although our storms are “Small and Mighty”, just one Roof Leak can start a Domino Effect of Problems at your Home or Place of Business.  




Learn to pronounce


verb: winterize; 3rd person present: winterizes; past tense: winterized; past participle: winterized; gerund or present participle: winterizing; verb: winterise; 3rd person present: winterises; past tense: winterised; past participle: winterised; gerund or present participle: winterising

  1. adapt or prepare (something, especially a house or an automobile) for use in cold weather.
    “a waterfront cottage that Dixon had winterized”

When October hits in the Northwestern states of our Country, or even in the Midwest, you start to hear the buzz about “Winterization”. Are you prepared for this Winter? Have you checked your car and home to be sure you are ready for the Season? Well it is pretty different when you are preparing for Snow and Ice or just a few California days of Heavy Rain & Wind. 

Weather you are born and raised in Southern California, or you have relocated like so many…you know that we have our own Cali Style of “Winterizing”. Being that we are not preparing for Blizzards and Snow Days, we tend to think that we don’t have to prepare. 

What kinds of things do we need to prepare our homes for? The Rains that come fast and heavy, and the Fire Season. Both of these gifts from Mother Nature can affect our Roofs, our Foundation, and our pocket books! 

I often hear out-of-towners that snicker or chuckle at us Californian’s when we hear of a little rain in the forecast, we go into full panic mode! No leaving the house, no driving on the freeway, and certainly feel like plans need to be cancelled. It is pretty dramatic at times, BUT the argument will remain …that we are Blessed with our consistent weather and we pay for it. The “Sunshine Tax” as I call it, is what we pay to have such Amazing skies (most of the year)! 

Regardless of the unnecessary humor, we have finally had some weather to talk about as of late, and we need to prepare ourselves, our families, and most of all our Homes! 

If there are any leaks or pathways for the rain to travel in, it can cause a domino effect of problems. When I managed a large Apartment Community in my previous career, I remember the long December after the rain came down hard and powerful, and resulted in over 15 roof leaks-all of which happened  in the “1 bedroom” that the tenants resided in. So many of them had to spend the holidays sleeping in their living rooms. The building was old, and contained asbestos- so each apartment had to be abated, treated, and a whole new ceiling had to be installed, including drywall, paint, and more. It was such a huge inconvenience for the residents and their families. 

All of this occurred because the roof wasn’t inspected properly and the downspouts were attached incorrectly! This  could have easily been avoided with consistent roof inspections and cleanings. It is so important to have professionals keep an eye on the roof! Most Large Property Management companies are no longer permitting maintenance staff on the roof for safety precautions, so it is another good reason to schedule an Annual Cleaning & Inspection. 

Some of the ways you can prepare for the Cali Winter is to have your Rain gutters cleaned and your Roofs inspected. It’s ironic that the city requires so many inspections to be done annually, like your fire sprinklers, heaters, plumbing, and more…but they don’t require you to take a peek at your roof, the one thing that is providing your entire home, building, place of work, restaurant, or office with protection and shelter! 

When our crew goes up on Apartment or Condominium roofs with pitched roofs, they hand clean the rain gutters. They use unique scooping tools but are most effective when they use their hands. While they are on the roof, they take before & after photos, and complete the job with a full video documenting the work that was done, the debris, leaves or trash that was removed, and will do a full photo inspection of the area. The videos are immediately transferred and are reviewed typically within 24 hrs by our owners and lead project managers. From the videos and photo documentation, we are able to provide a comprehensive report including recommendations for maintenance or repairs, as well as options for re-roofing or maintenance to extend the life of the roof to save cost. 

Our primary goal is to keep our eyes on your roof, extend the life of your roof and provide you with the comfort of knowing what to expect in the future and to be prepared. So when it is time to start your “So-Calization” for the Season change, remember to start on the outside and inspect your roof, and clean out your rain gutters!