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Residential roof replacement is a considerable investment for your home. Homeowners who haven’t done it before can sometimes find it daunting. In this post, Sully-Jones Roofing presents practical questions to ask your roofer.

How Long Does a Full Roof Replacement Last?

The project timeline depends a lot on the condition of your roof. When there is damage under the roof material, more work and time will be necessary. Preparing the structure of your home for the new roof will likely drag the project longer. The only way is to have a full inspection by a professional roofing company.

How Much Damage Can Your Roofer Handle?

Some contractors can only work on the roof itself but not on the underlying structure. If you suspect extensive or structural damage to your roof, choose the right roofer. Check references for their track record in roof repair, replacement or construction. He should have the equipment and experience to handle a variety of roof damage.

What Happens to All the Debris?

A good roofing contractor should clear the debris made from the re-roofing project. In some cities, it’s illegal to throw certain debris into the trash. They should recycle as much of the material as is possible. You should not be responsible for the disposal. Make sure that debris removal is part of your roof repair or replacement bid.

What if it Rains During the Project?

Your residential or commercial roofing contractor should always be aware of rain forecasts. If it does rain, it’s in your best interest to postpone work until the work can start or resume in dry conditions. In the meantime, your roofer should ensure your roof is water-tight.

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