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Thanks to the advancement of technology, our daily lives are becoming more and more convenient every day. This extends to the roofing industry as new technologies are constantly being developed to make things easier for both homeowners and the professionals of the industry. One of the current technologies that make things easier for the industry are drones.

Read on as the commercial and residential roof replacement pros of Sully-Jones Roofing explain how drones can reduce the demands of roofing labor, beginning with:

Ladder-free Inspections

Even the most experienced roofers will need to be careful when inspecting a roof from the ladder, and, unfortunately, there are times when doing so can be hazardous for them. By utilizing a drone, their inspections can be done in a safer manner. Additionally, drones that are used by roofers can be outfitted with sophisticated damage detection tools so they can get more information from the ground level, saving them a significant amount of money and keeping their employees safe at the same time.

Faster Inspections

Apart from safer inspections, using a drone to inspect a residential or commercial roofing system can make the process much faster. This is because the technology you can add to your drone for roof inspections can get precise measurements, 3D modeling, and roof damage detection at a faster rate than doing it manually.

Faster Estimates

In terms of estimates, on the other hand, the drones used in the roofing industry can automatically export the data they find to estimating platforms, saving roofers the time and effort needed in preparing estimates for homeowners.

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