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A hospital roof is a commercial roofing system that you need to keep an attentive eye on. With that in mind, proactive maintenance and inspections are necessary to keep hospital roofs in top shape.

In this post, Sully-Jones Roofing lists what gets checked when hospital roofs are inspected.

  1. Organic Material – When you’re having a hospital roof inspected, make sure that your roofer checks for any vegetation on the surface of the roof. This is because unless your hospital roof is outfitted to be a green roof, such organic materials can easily cause leaks, which isn’t just hazardous for the people in the hospital but it can also cause structural damage to the roofing system as well.

  1. Cracks and Blisters on the Roofing Membrane – If the hospital roof has cracks and blisters on the membrane, this is a cause for concern and you need to get a roof repair professional as soon as possible. The reason for this is because this kind of damage can cause leaks on your roofing system, which can cause further damage to the roof’s structure and even the building itself.

  1. Caulking Gaps on Roof Penetrations – On the other hand, if your hospital roof has penetrations such as vents, antennas, skylights and HVAC units, make sure to have your roofing professional check the caulking around them. Otherwise, the gaps in the caulking can make it easy for moisture to infiltrate your roof and cause damage or mold growth in the hospital.

  1. Debris on Gutters and Drains – Water on a commercial roofing system can already be difficult to remove on a daily basis due to its lack of slope. However, if there are debris on your gutters and drains that are left alone, this can cause further problems for your roof. Not only can such debris puncture the membrane, but they can also retain moisture that can cause your roof to sag or leak. Therefore, be proactive in the cleaning of your gutters and drains to prevent moisture damage.

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