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    You’ve heard about drones. While some of the instances the technology may have found itself in the news are not exactly flattering, this doesn’t mean that drones are just a nuisance. In the roofing industry, for instance, they can be of great help to commercial and residential roof replacement experts that carry out roofing inspections.

    Advantages of Drone Roofing Inspections

    • Safety – While professional roofers are more than capable of checking roofing systems up close, they are always at risk of falls when they do inspections. Entrusting the job to a drone takes away this risk without sacrificing desired results, making it a win-win solution.

    • Accuracy – Thanks to advancements in technology, drones are more accurate than ever in taking measurements, doing away with issues that get in the way like twisted tape measures and inaccessible edges. With set protocols, they ensure measurements are consistent and complete. Drones can also be programmed to detect more than just the basic measurements, allowing them to deliver information based on the entirety of a roof. This also makes it easier to identify portions of a system in need of roof repair.

    • Speed – With their lightweight build and ability to fly, drones can get inspections done faster, gathering information quickly to provide roofers with what they need as soon as possible. Depending on how a drone is programmed, it can be made to make data available in a variety of formats for convenient sharing and integration into existing industry tools.

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