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Determining financial responsibility for condominium roofing can be a tricky subject since it’s among the several building features that you share with other condo owners. In the event of a roof repair, will the association fees pay for it? Or will you be the one to cover the expenses? Sully-Jones Roofing takes a look at this unique situation. 

Association Fees and Roofing Expenses

Depending on what’s stated in your condo association rules, your dues may or may not cover roofing problems. If your association pays for all roof maintenance, the budget generally accounts for the cost in advance. Condo dues are also used to establish reserves that will cover unforeseen expenses like roof leaks and emergency repairs. In the event the fund falls short, you may have to pay higher dues in order to cover roof replacement or repairs.

In case of fire or inclement weather, a condo master insurance can prove to be useful. According to commercial roofing experts, this type of insurance typically comes in two categories: “bare walls-in” coverage, which protects the exterior walls, roofing, elevators and pools; and “all-in” coverage, which is meant for limited interior unit features such as flooring, fixtures and countertops. Commercial insurance usually provides condo master policies, so your association can simply file a claim with the insurance company to cover the losses caused by such events.

Always Check the Rules

Always take time to read the fine print, especially before purchasing a condo. Typically, you’ll find everything you need to know about the association rules in the “CC&Rs” (covenants, conditions and restrictions), which outlines the rules governing the condo association.

Review this document or consult with an attorney so you can ensure an understanding of the association’s operating budget. This may seem tedious, but it will help you in making decisions as a potential buyer and condo owner. 

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