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Roof leaks can occur at the most unexpected time. But with a roof repair kit, you can attend to the leaks and carry out a temporary fix while waiting for the pros to arrive. Luckily, a few repair supplies that you can include in your roofing first aid kit aren’t costly. Trusted commercial roofing company Sully-Jones Roofing lists a few things you should have in order to perform a simple repair. 

What to Include

According to our roofers, these are some of the supplies you should keep in your roofing first aid kit:

  1. a tarp for temporary repairs

  2. a roll of heavy plastic for temporary repairs

  3. a bundle of lath (to nail the underlayment down) or plastic (to keep the wind from tearing up the underlayment)

  4. vinyl-based roof sealer

  5. roof repair chalking and a chalking gun

  6. a roll of synthetic roof underlayment

  7. a bundle of roof shingles (store them properly in a cool place)

  8. other tools such as ladder, hammer and box cutter (for the underlayment)

Repair Tips

It may take a while before your contractor reaches your home. While waiting for the roof repair pros, you should secure secure your appliances and other electronics. Move these items away from the leak in order to prevent electrocution and fire. You should also remove your furniture so that they won’t get damaged. Keep the area as dry as possible.

If you see a hole in your roof, you can use the tarp from your roofing first aid kit to cover the damaged section. However, if you still need the help of a roofer to locate the source of the leak, you can first focus on the portion of your roof where water is dripping. Apply some pre-made stick patch or rubber peel on this area.

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