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A well-maintained building attracts good business. One of the best ways you can protect a commercial property is by placing importance on the roofing system. As property manager, you’re responsible for ensuring that the upkeep of the roof is part of building maintenance. Sully-Jones Roofing, a trusted local expert in commercial and residential roof replacement, lists three essential tips to help you keep a sound roof.

Ensure Proper Roof Drainage

If the property is surrounded by trees, leaves and other debris can easily accumulate and block the roof’s drainage. This especially becomes a problem during heavy rain or snow. While roofs are generally designed to protect a structure against water and other elements, it can only do so much without an efficient drainage system. Apart from regularly checking the drainage, ensure your gutters, valleys and pipes are in good condition too.

Consider the Climate in Your Location

A roof’s vulnerabilities and other wear and tear concerns depend on the climate in your area. That said, your roof maintenance plans should be based on this factor as well. If you experience heavy rain and humidity, you should create routines that will prevent mold growth. Meanwhile, high winds and snow can cause leaks or other structural damage. Moreover, each season comes with unique challenges. Prior to the start of warmer and colder seasons, make sure to prep your roof and carry out roof repair as needed.

Make Sure You’re Aware of the Repairs Done on Your Roof

As property manager, you should know the individuals working on your roof. Ensure they’re qualified and experienced to handle the roofing jobs you need done. If you’re hiring a contractor to perform specialized work, inspect the roof after they finish. Foot traffic, dropped tools or the weight of repair equipment can sometimes damage the roofing and eventually result in punctures and leaks.

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