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Sometimes storms appear without warning. This is why taking the preventive approach is ideal for protecting your commercial property against storm damage and ensuring business continuity. Read on as commercial roofing contractor Sully-Jones Roofing shares storm damage prevention tips for commercial roofs.


  1. Keep and Maintain Records — Documentation related to roofing installation, repair, maintenance and routine inspections should be kept in a file. In addition to the convenience of having everything in a single location, the documentation can be helpful when you need to file insurance claims. Always keep digital backups of all physical copies for fast searches.

  1. Keep the Roof and Gutters Clean — Stick to a regular roof cleaning schedule. If you have a single-ply roof such as EPDM or TPO, debris left on the roof may puncture the membrane and allow leaks that will require immediate roof repair. Open gutters and drains have to be cleaned and drained regularly to prevent ponding or flooding.

  1. Restrict Roof Access — Certain roofing systems such as tar-and-gravel or built-up roofing are designed for roof traffic. Others such as single-ply roofs are not. If your property is equipped with the latter, restricting roof access can help prevent punctures caused by sharp heels, debris stuck on shoes and debris with sharp edges. Utilities, maintenance, and other personnel should be required to wear foot covers, and should have a designated, covered area for placing toolboxes and personal belongings. Discourage employees from smoking on the roof by designating a smoking area somewhere else.

  1. Keep up With Maintenance Appointments — Do not skip scheduled roofing maintenance and inspections. These appointments help keep your roof in good shape by letting your roofing contractor spot small signs of roofing damage and address them before they become bigger problems. While these maintenance appointments do cost money, it would be a mere fraction of what it would cost to repair storm damage, even accounting for insurance payouts.

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