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With so many roofing manufacturers producing asphalt shingles for both residential and commercial roofing, it pays to know what separates the good brands from the mediocre ones. Brands like CertainTeed and Owens Corning are well-known brands, but what makes them different from so-so alternatives?

What Sets Good Shingle Brands Apart?

Proactive Approach to Installation

Compared to many other brands, shingles from good brands are installed in a way that it guarantees good performance. This is only possible through proper training and certification. This is also why it’s important to pick a roofer that is certified to install the shingle of your preferred brand.

Proper Consumer Protection

Good brands don’t always need to have the most durable options out there (though they usually do). However, what makes a good brand different from the rest is that their shingles are covered by comprehensive warranties that protect the consumers from problems related to poor installation or underperforming products. This is especially important in residential roof replacement because most homeowners have very limited budgets.

Constant Improvements

Good shingle brands come from manufacturers who refuse to settle for what’s good enough. The best brands in the US are known for being constantly on the search for better manufacturing techniques that will allow for the creation of more durable and efficient roofing shingles. This means that shingles from the best brands in the market also tend to get better as the years go by.

More Versatile Options

Good shingle brands allow a high degree of customization for homeowners and professional roof designers. This is done by offering a wider variety of colors, textures and even dimensions of shingles without sacrificing performance and availability in case of necessary roof repair. After all, a property owner wants their roof to look good.

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