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Is your “Rainy Day Fund” going to a not so fun expense?

“When it rains…it pours!” There is never a convenient time for a leaky roof.

Purchases for property owners often include new roofs…not just new windows, additions, interior remodel, security systems, landscaping or pool services…

A few things about leaks most property owners don’t know…

Roof Leaks can cause exterior and interior damage and oftentimes, unnecessary and unplanned expensive emergency repairs.

  1. “Oh my gosh, it’s raining sideways!” Rain doesn’t always fall straight down.  With strong winds, rain can fall sideways and upwards at an angle allowing water to get underneath the roofing system and can cause serious roof issues. Sully-Jones Maintenance Department can assist with decreased water intrusions to help protect your home from water damage, also protecting your “Rainy Day Fund” money.
  2. The sneaky leak process… Leaks don’t start with water. Leaks usually start when the weather is hot and sunny. Stagnant water on your roof drying in the sun can cause damage to the area where it sits. Over time it can weaken the roofing system, causing breakage, holes, and with rain, it can develop into leaks. This is why you don’t usually know about a leak until the next storm. If breakdown from the elements is occurring during the Summer, it may not be noticed until the rains of Winter begin. In San Diego, it is sunny, most of the year but this year we have gone from a historically recorded drought to a historically rainy, soggy, wet, wet, wet Fall, Winter, and Spring. It’s been raining for months! Yes, we need the rain…no, we don’t want it to water the living room carpet instead of the flower gardens!
  3. “Intruders Beware! This home is protected by a security system!” We protect our homes from human and animal intruders but what about the unseen intruder? The rain. The intrusion (water entry point) might not be where the water is coming through and leaking into the interior. If rainwater is leaking into your home, the source may not be directly above. Water travels the path of least resistance and can travel from the intrusion site to a different part of the interior. It is possible that while the water may be coming into your kitchen on the first floor, the intrusion is actually above the bedroom on the second floor which is not even located directly above the kitchen! Baffling, right? You will need a professional to determine the actual source of the intrusion, as well as the path it has traveled to get to the kitchen. This is what Sully-Jones calls “Tracing & repairing” a water intrusion.
  4. “Hi, I am calling to see what your emergency prices are…wait…HOW MUCH? Oh my gosh! Well, I have to get it fixed so I guess I don’t really have a choice.” Have you ever called a plumber or HVAC company to check their emergency pricing? Emergency calls to get leaks repaired can be very costly as well. Maintenance costs are generally less than repair costs. Keeping up on annual roof cleanings, inspections, and maintenance, can assist in recognizing and diagnosing potential problems before they become major issues. Regular maintenance is something you can budget and plan for. Wouldn’t you like to protect and get the longest life possible out of your investments?

If you are like me, you probably have your “Rainy Day Fund” set aside for something fun to do…not for a leaky roof issue…that’s not fun!

Give Sully-Jones a call to get on the schedule for your FREE INSPECTION today! 800-611-3110 Let Sully-Jones get up on your roof for you! We clean, inspect and provide photo reports of what is happening on your roof. We can provide you with a simple maintenance plan so that you can budget for annual service.

-Jenny Bates-


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