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Roof coatings can extend your roof’s life span, enhance its appearance and improve a building’s energy efficiency. The way the coating is applied affects how long it lasts.

5 Roof Coating Application Mistakes to Avoid

In this post, your local commercial and residential roof replacement expert, Sully-Jones Roofing, discusses mistakes to avoid when applying roof coatings.

1. Coating Too Thinly – Applying a thin roof coating results in a weak roofing system. As the roof coating dries, its water or solvent portion evaporates. Adding more mils during application makes up for evaporated mils. This ensures that your roof coating system is thick enough.

2. Coating Too Thickly – The coating underneath the surface doesn’t dry properly before the surface itself dries if the coat is too thick. This traps water and other components on the surface. Choose Sully Jones Roofing, your commercial roofing expert, for the most durable roof coatings and expert application.

3. Improper Mixing – It’s important to mix the roof coating well for proper consistency throughout the coating. Heavier components in the coating can sink to the bottom of the container so you would have to stir the mixture before application. Don’t stir the coating too vigorously as bubbles may form and create problems on the roof.

4. Application Before Storms – Rainfall can wash the coating from the roof if it isn’t dry yet. There are roof coating products which are designed to resist early wash-off related to rain and dew.

5. Cold Weather Application – Roof coating takes more time to dry in cold weather. Frost and freezing temperatures can cause the coating to adhere improperly. Check your local weather forecast and see if it matches the manufacturer’s recommended temperature and weather conditions for application.

Hire an experienced roofing contractor for proper roof coating application. You can rely on Sully Jones Roofing for long-lasting roof coatings. We are also experts in commercial and residential roof repair. Call us at (619) 312-4018 or complete our online form for a free inspection and estimate. We work with clients in Chula Vista, CA.