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Preventive maintenance is an important aspect of commercial roof care. Business owners look at it as an important investment. Rather than face a more expensive fix and suffer potential losses due to possible downtime, they’d instead take the time and effort to have their roofs inspected and maintained over time.

Sully-Jones Roofing, your local commercial roofing contractor, shares the notable advantages of preventive roof repair and maintenance.

No Persistent Leaks

When a leak forms on the roofing system, many people take shortcuts just to get it over with. Some hire less-than-reputable contractors to save a few dollars without knowing the extent of their expertise. This can lead to larger and more expensive problems, as such roofers tend to patch the roof surfaces without fixing the actual issues at hand.

A licensed roofing contractor like us will do everything to get to the real source of the leak. A thorough inspection is all it takes to identify potential problem areas, especially those that have remained obscure for months or years. A subsequent roof repair will follow, preventing the leak from occurring again.

Maintenance Plans

The extent of commercial roof maintenance varies depending on the type of roofing system. Upkeep requirements for metal roofing systems differ from those of single-ply membranes. Implementing a preventive approach allows you to give your roof the right care it deserves to stop issues from occurring.

Detailed Report of the Roofing System

Commercial roofing contractors, as soon as they are done with their inspections, often produce a comprehensive report that details the state of the roofing system. Pieces of relevant information, such as its current condition and life expectancy, are indicated there, as well as an estimate should there be any defects discovered that require immediate repairs. It is an important document to secure if you want to file an insurance claim.

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