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Residential Roof Installation+test
New home or commercial construction requires a collaboration of many professionals – from your general contractor to electricians, to plumbers, to the team that makes interior design decisions. While it often makes sense to use your general contractor for most of the heavy construction, certain parts of your new build should be left to experts in their given trade. A good example involves installing the new roof on your home or commercial building. There are many good reasons to use a professional roofing company rather than your general contractor for your roof – even on new construction.

Specialized Expertise and Equipment

Since roof installation often requires specialty tools and equipment that most general contractors will not have.  Professionals that specialize in their particular part of the building trade are always working to perfect their craft – creating efficiencies, improved processes and better quality for their customers.   If you want the highest quality roof that will last for decades versus years, you will want to employ the experts.

Materials Knowledge & Costs

Factors like the need for weather resistance, sun exposure, energy efficiency, the number and types of protrusions such as vents, skylights and HVAC units will determine the right type of covering for your roof. In some cases a protective coating may also be needed to comply with local regulations such as Title 24. Once again, a general contractor will have a working knowledge of what materials to get for your project, but a roofing professional will have a more thorough understanding of what works for roofs in your area and has the buying power to insure you get the best price on your roofing materials.


Perhaps the most important reason to hire a professional roofing company is the sheer number of years of experience that they can bring to the roof installation. In the event of problems, unexpected delays, or inclement weather during the installation – a roof specialist can quickly assess the issues and how to most effectively resolve them. This will go a long way to getting the project back on track without costing you an arm and a leg. A professional roofing company will also know the fastest way to complete your project without sacrificing quality, while insuring that you have the longest lasting roof available.