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    Commercial Roofing for Shopping Malls Requires Specialized Service.

    Roof Replacement for Shopping Centers can present its own sets of issues and obstacles to overcome. There are many reasons why shopping mall owners and managers should use a Commercial Roofing Company specifically experienced in repairing, replacing and maintaining shopping mall roofs.

    As a commercial property owner or manager, you know that your tenants and their customers do not want to be disturbed by your roof repair or replacement.  They don’t want workers stomping on their roof during shopping hours. They don’t want to deal with the debris that comes with re-roofing and repair.  But while the process of repairing or replacing your shopping mall roof could be a disruption, your tenants certainly don’t want roof leaks to damage their merchandise or interfere with their business.

    Repairing, replacing and maintaining your shopping mall roof is essential, so you need to work with a Commercial Roofing Company that knows how to minimize disruptions to your tenants. Sully-Jones Roofing, serving San Diego County, CA has over 60 years experience in roofing and an extensive list of shopping mall roof installation, repair and maintenance customers.

    GTM Shopping-Mall

    A Recent Shopping Mall Roof Replacement Project

    Sully-Jones Roofing, San Diego, CA recently installed a new roof on the GTM Shopping Center in Lemon Grove – home to the GTM General Store, Joanne’s Fabrics and Cotijas Mexican Restaurant.  The parking lot, at this particular mall, is packed with customers 7 days a week.  Sully-Jones worked with GTM Property Management to perform the work with the least amount of disruption to the tenant businesses.

    The old roof was installed by Sully-Jones many years ago and was ready to be replaced. GTM was happy with the work Sully-Jones did on their previous roof and selected them again for the new work on their shopping mall roof.

    Before Sully-Jones Roofing could install the Polara® polyester built-up commercial roof, over 43,000 square feet on two buildings, they had to remove multiple layers of roofing – totaling a whopping 344,000 pounds (172 tons) of debris.   They also had to correct drainage problems and replace roof drains.

    Sully-Jones recommended the Polara® polyester built-up commercial roof for GTM because it’s non-woven, needle-punched, and heat-resistant polyester meets the exacting technical requirements of the built-up roofing (BUR) industry and is far superior in water tightness and puncture resistance.

    Prolong the Life of Your Shopping Mall Roof with a Protection Plus Roof Warranty

    GTM understands the importance of regular roof maintenance in increasing the longevity of their roof, so they opted for the Protection Plus 20-year Warranty Program.  The Protection Plus Program incudes annual roof cleanings to remove trash and debris, inspections of all roofing and mechanical equipment on the roof, as well as annual touch-up of roof details. The Protection Plus Warranty assures commercial customers that their roof will be protected against damaging leaks.

    Your Shopping Mall Roof and your tenants require a Commercial Roofing Contractor that has experience in mitigating disruptions to your tenant’s business. Sully-Jones Roofing is consistently the first choice by San Diego Commercial Business owners and managers.  If you are a commercial property owner or manager in San Diego County, contact Sully-Jones Roofing to get a FREE Inspection and Roof Replacement Estimate.