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More importantly, what is NOT included?


There are really 2 warranties you need to consider when you have your roof done – the manufacturer warranty that covers the roofing materials and the roofing contractors warranty that covers workmanship.

Manufacturer Warranty
State-of-the-art roof systems installed today are the result of more than a century of research and innovation. The introduction of roofing systems that incorporate rubbers, plastics, modified asphalts and other synthetic materials have enabled manufacturers to offer longer warranties. Manufacturer warranties cover defects in materials and the period can range from 5 to 20 years depending on the materials chosen. A “material-only warranty” typically provides only that the manufacturer will provide replacement material.

Roofing Contractor Warranty
Your roofing contractor should provide you with a warranty on workmanship. Typically, this will cover installation and related issues. The warranty should contain what items are covered and what conditions will void the warranty. Make sure that your roofing contractor specifically states the warranty terms and puts, in writing, all of recommended and required owner maintenance responsibilities during the projected service life of the roof and warranty term.
 Many contractors offer one year or two years of coverage; however, there is no industry standard. Sully-Jones Roofing offers it’s customers 10 to 20 year warranty’s on installation.

What’s NOT Included in a Standard Roof Warranty
There is a common misconception by roofing consumers that long-term warranties are all-inclusive insurance policies designed to cover virtually any roofing problem, regardless of the cause or circumstance. Roofing warranties typically do not warrant that the roof system will not leak. Even the most comprehensive manufacturer warranties that cover materials and workmanship generally provide only that the manufacturer will repair leaks that result from specific causes specified in the warranty.

Below are some examples of items typically excluded from a standard roof warranty:

• Skylights
• Unauthorized Roof Penetrations
• Rain Gutters and Downspouts
• Sheet Metal joints on A.C. Units
• Oil and Grease Spills
• Missing Vent Caps
• Damaged Caused by Others
• Storm Damage
• Plugged Roof Drains
• Damaged Roof Hatches
• Any Other Items Not Installed by the Roofer

Warranties often contain restrictive provisions that significantly limit the warrantor’s liability and consumer’s remedies in the event that problems do develop. The warranty document may also contain other restrictions and limitations, such as a prohibition against the assignment or transfer of the warranty and monetary limitations.

Commercial Roof Customers Can Extend Roof Warranties With Regular Maintenance

For instance, Sully-Jones Roofing will extend roof warranties up to 20 years from the original roof completion with their Protection Plus Maintenance Program. For a very affordable fee, Sully-Jones will annually inspect and clean your commercial roof and provide the following services:

• Remove all leaves, trash & debris from the roof, rain gutters and drains.
• Check the entire membrane, original flashings and penetrations and reseal as necessary.
• Annual inspection and report on all items not directly related to the roofing membrane, including but not limited to:
o Cracked or broken skylight lens and frames
o Unauthorized roof penetrations
o Damaged or missing rain gutters, collector boxes or downspouts
o Sheetmetal joints on air conditioner ducts
o Oil and grease overspills from exhaust hood fans
o Missing vent caps
o Damage caused by cable, satellite, cell site, plumbing, HVAC contractors, maintenance personnel, installers and repairmen
o Plugged roof drain lines
o Damaged or unsafe roof access hatches
o Excessive storm damage since last inspection


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